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The Trustee

The Trustee of the Scheme is an independent professional Trustee called Zedra, previously known as PTL. The Trustee has a wide range of duties and responsibilities, including organising administration and investing the Scheme’s assets, which are completely separate from the finances of the Company.  The Trustee is responsible for the ongoing monitoring of the Company’s ability to support the Scheme and works closely with the Member Representative Commitee (MRC). 
Anything affecting the Scheme as a whole is considered by the Trustee, including:  

  • investment beliefs and objectives
  • valuation outcomes
  • developments in pensions legislation or regulations
  • changes to the Scheme rules, and
  • the appointment of advisers

To help make sure the Scheme runs efficiently and in members’ best interests, the Trustee appoints and works with a number of independent professional advisers. These include actuaries, investment managers and solicitors. 
Zedra acts as the Trustee for the Amey OS Scheme. You can learn more on the Zedra website

  • Matt Riley

    Matt Riley


    Matt joined PTL in January 2008 having previously worked for Mercer Limited, Hazell Carr and Prudential.

    As a Manager for PTL’s Birmingham Office, Matt’s responsibilities include working closely with Client Directors and individually liaising with Employers, Trustees and Members to ensure the smooth running of their pension schemes. Matt’s current portfolio of clients covers ongoing, paid-up and winding-up schemes. In addition, Matt has experience of schemes that have transferred or are in the process of transferring to the Pension Protection Fund and Financial Assistance Scheme. Matt also works closely with clients in relation to risk registers and internal controls.
    Matt particularly enjoys resolving issues in a fair and pragmatic way ensuring that the right result is reached for the member or employer.
  • Kim Nash

    Kim Nash


    Kim joined PTL as a Client Director in February 2012 having previously spent five years with Towers Watson as a Benefit Consultant. During her time at Towers Watson she carried out a wide range of work for both corporate and trustee clients, including actuarial valuations, accounting, benefit design and liability management.
    Kim is a trustee to a number of DB, DC and hybrid pension schemes and has experience of handling a broad range of projects relating to the management of pension schemes. She has also delivered numerous Trustee training courses alongside pension foundation courses.
    Being a qualified actuary provides her with the necessary technical ability and in depth knowledge of pensions issues. This, combined with her ability to communicate concepts clearly, means she is well-placed to guide pension scheme trustees on the journey they need to take with their schemes.

What does it all mean?

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