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APS section of the Amey OS Pension Scheme
Welcome to the APS section of the Amey OS Pension Scheme.

Your APS pension scheme aims to help you build up an income for when you retire and provide financial protection for your dependants.

The APS section is no longer open to new entrants.

The APS section is a ‘defined benefit’ arrangement, which means you do not have to make any decisions about how your contributions are invested. The money you pay into your pension is invested by the Trustee on your behalf and you will be paid a pension for life once you retire. 

If you are still employed by Amey, you will receive a Benefit Statement each year to help you keep track of how your pension savings are building up.

Highlights In This Section

Member newsletters

The Trustee issues a newsletter on an annual basis covering changes to the Scheme – or the pensions industry – that may affect you.


Scheme documents

A library of information about the Scheme, investments, and your membership and options.


Did you know…

You need to fill out an Expression of Wish form to tell the Trustees who you’d like a cash payment to go to if you die before claiming your Scheme pension. You should complete a new form every couple of years to keep your choices up to date and help avoid delays to the payments.