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08 September 2022

Pay your pension some attention!

The first ever Pension Engagement Season takes place between October and November 2022. It aims to help pension savers learn more about how pensions work and how to track down any ‘forgotten’ pension pots.
The season starts with Pensions Awareness Week, where you have the chance to join live TV shows on a range of pensions topics, ask questions of pensions experts and get access to lots of useful resources.
Other events taking place throughout the season include National Pensions Tracing Day on 30 October and Talk Money Week, which takes place from 7-11 November.
You’ll also be able to follow the #PensionAttention campaign on social media throughout Pension Engagement Season to get handy tips and information on your pensions, plus updates on pensions-related topics and events. 
And, of course, make sure to check this website regularly to get all the latest news, tips and insights to help you manage your pension more effectively.
Your pension can have a huge impact on your future and how you enjoy life once you stop working. So give it the attention it deserves!

Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Pension Awareness decided to postpone the live shows for the annual Pensions Awareness Week. The events were originally scheduled to take place from 12-16 September but have now been rescheduled for Monday 31 October to Friday 4 November 2022.