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26 September 2021

Who do you want your pension benefits to go to when you die?

Make sure your expression of wish form is up to date, especially if your circumstances have changed.

Perhaps you’ve got married, or grown your family. However things have changed for you, if you die before claiming your pension and your expression of wish form isn’t up to date, the Trustee won’t know where you want any benefits to be paid. This could be a valuable cash lump sum.

When you die, the Trustee may be able to pay a pension to your spouse or any other loved ones you’ve nominated. If you don’t have a spouse, or your spouse subsequently dies, the Trustee may also be able to pay a pension to a dependant.

You can nominate one or several people, and you can also nominate registered clubs or charities. The quickest way to nominate is to fill in the expression of wish form today.

To find out the benefits your loved ones might get, please contact the scheme administrator, Railpen by emailing