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24 May 2021

Has something in your life changed?

If something in your life changes, your pension could be affected. So it’s important that you let us know as soon as possible.

By keeping your records up to date, you can help ensure we can keep in touch about any matters that affect you.

In particular, you should tell us about:

  • changes to your relationship status
  • the birth of any dependent children
  • changes to your work patterns, such as reduced hours or extended leave

You can update your details by contacting the Scheme’s administrator, RPMI on 0345 112 0025 or

Alternatively you can contact the Amey HR Service Centre on 01865 713101 or

Here’s a quick round up of some major life changes and how they can affect your pension:

Taking leave

If you’re off work for an extended period, you’ll need to consider whether your pension contributions will continue. You can check this with your employer.

If you get maternity, paternity, additional paternity, family or adoption leave pay, what you pay into your pension will be based on what you are earning at that time. However your employer will continue to pay their contributions based on your normal rate of pay.  

If for any reason, you can’t pay the contributions, they may be collected from your future earnings.

Going part-time

If you go part-time rather than working full-time, your pension contributions will go down. This is because your pay is based on the amount you earn/the hours you work. 


If you need to retire earlier than expected due to ill-health, you may be able to take your pension early too. Certain criteria apply and medical evidence will be required.  

To see if you are eligible please contact us using the relevant email address below:

Active members email: 

Preserved members email: 

Divorce or dissolution

If you face divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership, your pension is likely to be considered along with your other assets when financial settlements are worked out. 

A court order can be made to transfer part of the value of your pension benefits to your ex-spouse, either during the divorce or dissolution proceedings or once you start claiming the pension yourself.

If you need further information please contact RPMI on 0345 112 0025 or email


If you die before you claim your benefits, a lump sum could be paid to your beneficiaries.

You can tell us who you’d like your beneficiaries to be by completing an Expression of Wish form here