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Member Representative Committee
The APS section has a Member Representative Committee (MRC), which carries out certain duties on behalf of the Trustee.

The MRC's responsibilities include:
  • Acting as a channel of communication between members, employers and the Scheme Trustee
  • Acting in the best interests of all members and potential beneficiaries of the APS section
  • Reviewing, discussing and commenting on matters sich as actuarial valuations and other events affecting the APS section
  • Being aware of the provisions of the APS section's Trustee Deed and Rules
  • Ensuring they have sufficient general pensions knowledge to undertake their role, and
  • Preserving confidentiality

You can contact the MRC at

You can learn about the current members of the MRC below and find more information about their role in the Terms of Reference.

  • Andrew Coppin

    Andrew Coppin

    Andrew joined Amey in 2002 working in the central commercial team. His career has included roles as Commercial Director for the Local Government Business Unit the Highways PFI contracts.

    Andrew served as member nominated Trustee of the Amey Pension Scheme from 2012 until the scheme was transferred into the Amey OS Scheme in 2017. He is keen to continue representing members interests and providing a voice for current and past Amey colleagues as a member of the MRC.


  • Kevin Bailey

    Kevin Bailey

    Kevin joined Amey as trainee accountant in 1980 when it was based in Sutton Courtenay. His career included roles as Finance Director for Amey Fleet Services from 1990-2004 and latterly leading the Transactional Services team of the Amey Group based in Oxford before retiring from the Company in 2016.

    Kevin served as a member-nominated Trustee to the Amey Pension Scheme from 2003 until its transfer into the Amey OS Scheme in 2017, continuing his role within the Scheme post-retirement. He is pleased to have been appointed to the MRC and to be able to continue to represent members of the Scheme in his new role. He is particularly keen to advise on the transparency of communications with regards to members benefits and the ongoing financial position of the Scheme.
    Kevin is a pensioner of the APS section of the Scheme.

  • Gary Whiteside

    Gary Whiteside

    Gary has served as a pension trustee between 1998 and 2012. During this period he was particularly keen to address the need for better communications with all members and initiated and edited a bi-annual newsletter.

    Gary has also been a volunteer disputes resolution adviser with The Pensions Ombudsman, for over 15 years. He has handled many cases involving maladministration of pensions and he is particularly interested in ensuring that the Amey OS Pension Scheme administrators demonstrate good performance.

    Gary joined Amey in 1999 when the company bought the facilities management company Comax. He left Amey in 2002. He is a pensioner of the APS section of the Amey OS Pension Scheme.