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04 January 2021

Understanding how we invest

As a member of the Amey OS Pension Scheme, the way the Scheme invests is your business. You should be able to find out why we invest the money we have, how we choose the investments we do, and who supports us in keeping an eye on the Scheme’s financial health.

As the Trustee of the Amey OS Pension Scheme, we report on this information in our Statement of Investment Principles (SIP). This is a regulatory document that every scheme like ours has to produce and keep up to date. It tells you all about the way the Scheme invests.

But SIPs are created by and for pension professionals. That means they’re complex, technical and hard to understand.

So we’ve created a guide to tell you:

• Who’s involved in looking after the Scheme and its investments

• Why, and how, we invest the money in the Scheme

• How we can judge whether our investments are sustainable

• What the risks are and how we manage them.

You can read the guide here. It’s written in plain English, so it’s easier to understand.

All this information is also available in our formal SIP which you can read in the Scheme documents section of this website.